Praying for the Be​(​a​)​st

by Radio for the Daydreamers

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away from my room,
it is only light I can hate,
for it is only light I can not be.

"Praying for the Be(a)st" is the second "Act" of the triptych with the same name. This section is a narrative of our character's struggle to find a cure to the plague that his mind has become after visiting Mother Superior in the first act. After tiresome tries to tie a connection with the outside world, a lack of power and therefore, a need for a better perspective is imperative.
The album follows the character as he tries to find shelter in the shades of gray and learns to adapt to any means necessary to get rid of any short-term turmoils. While the real world seems more and more distant, he sees himself as the strongest force in his universe. Creating demons to fight and stars to dismantle, future is not for a few days still.


released December 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Radio for the Daydreamers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Radio for the Daydreamers is an experimental band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our intentions with music include creating a cinematic amalgamation of suspense, horror and experimentations in music.
Other feelings will ensue when we might choose to pursue them.
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Track Name: We Are Only Safe Before Sunrise
He will give me lights to hide.
He will give me dreams to keep.
My every drug is sleep,
My every drug is sleep.

There is a face in every cloud,
and its pushing my soul down.
But his lights will help me be.
He will give me drugs to keep.

His name will keep me warm.
No more stab wounds in my arms.
He will give me drugs to keep,
He will give me nights to sleep.
Track Name: Bloodlights (Oh I Sleep)
oh i sleep,
with my dreams, i sleep
broken glass, i keep
and oh i sleep.

oh i sleep,
giant tides, i sleep.
angry skies, i sleep.
and oh i sleep.

oh i sleep
come and sleep with me,
come and sleep with me.

these lights of blood,
made of plasticine,
drawing on my sheets,
and oh i sleep

through empty skies, that weep
and bloody lights, you hide
now every drug is sleep
and oh i sleep

oh i sleep,
lingering beneath
oh i sleep,
these eyes are, mine to keep
oh i sleep,
through all the love, you keep
oh i sleep
oh i sleep
oh i sleep
oh i sleep.

will give me lights to hide,
now i am drawing on my sheets,
and oh i sleep
Track Name: Curl Up, Time To Die (When Jazz ate my soul)
Curl up, inside
time to die.
The night sleeps, and young die.
Close your eyes

Curl up, Prince of Light
Time to die
Never sleep, Never die
Close your eyes
No remorse, in your life,
time to die

Dressed in drags, girl in white
close your eyes.
I'm the beast, in your mind
close your eyes.
Tainted sheets, with blood inside,
close your eyes.

I lay to rest, this house of flies.
Close your eyes.
I hate your... I hate your shrine.
close your eyes
I want you.. I want you dead,
leave my head