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Talha Kaya Both the album and the bonus album is so good and full of "content" that it really deserves more than 5 dollars. These guys keep getting better and better. Truly recommended to music lovers who are into low tones and dreaming. Favorite track: The Emotion Incomplete.
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The final section of the triptych "Praying for the Be(a)st", "Denouement" continues and concludes the story of our protagonist through all the discrepancies and dilemmas. A realization of the power of existence and dreaming, this record tells the story of that character realizing that without an audience, a catastrophe is short lived. So eventually. it is up to him to stop fueling the fire.

"To embrace the sunlight,
that brought me my eyesores.
My demons and gods.
are only as mighty as I wish."


released December 2, 2012



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Radio for the Daydreamers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Radio for the Daydreamers is an experimental band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our intentions with music include creating a cinematic amalgamation of suspense, horror and experimentations in music.
Other feelings will ensue when we might choose to pursue them.
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Track Name: The Tender Is Frightening
Dear cloud,
in the wind.
That brought me rain,
come again.

And pour down, over gray towns,
till the lights flow in drains.

Come again,
but stay the same.
But bring me rain.

Dear tenderness,
that lays in flames,
in my brain.

If you could rain, just once again,
erase the shame, from my name.

Come again,
but stay the same.
But bring me rain.

I will remain,
in this haze, of deranged.
And lay down, under rain clouds,
till the night comes again.
Track Name: Confusion Is My Birthright
Split me into six.
My uncharming fix.
This is now a war.
Of dead and lonely calls.

Split the sky in two.
A putrid, ugly blue.
Turn to something new.
You will be spoken to.

In time...
Track Name: Insect Eyes (Please Wake Me Never Again)
The colour of my eyes,
has never brought us rain.
Forget this night,
and wait with me again.
With oceans, standing by,
I'll build us, castles again,
with your hands in mine.
Please wake me, never again
Please wake me, never again.
Please wake me, never again,
Please wake me, never again.

This morning, is forever empty
the sunrise sores my eyes.
But with your hands in mine,
Please wake me, never again
Please wake me, never again.
Please wake me, never again,
Please wake me, never again
Track Name: We Are Safe And Sound
Oh Eternal flame of mine,
shelter me from this sunshine.
She lives and dies by this machine,
such a fucking drama queen.
My sundown, there's death all around,
buckets filled with blood on the ground.
My body sleeps in a constant weep,
safe and sound, won't you come around?

Show discourse to the men with hoarse,
voices screaming in my mind.
My sunrise, it's my head that cries,
slowly waking in your eyes.
In my room, I can smell the doom,
blood on the ground, we are safe and sound.
Track Name: The Surface Is Tension
In motion, I lay,
Devotion, dismay.
Oh December! you're late.
I've been worried, with wait.

This fire, came from rain.
It won't remember, my name.
Oh December! You're late.
I've been dying, with wait.

Emotion, of may,
please stop trying, to stay.
Oh December! I cant wait.
What a morning, for rain.

The tired, they pray,
for auroral displays,
but morning brought shame,
Oh Sepulcher! I've laid.